Our Quality

Why Our Portable Buildings Are Best-in-Class

FREE Setup & Delivery

We offer free setup and delivery within 50 miles, and any mile after that is $3 per mile due to the driver upon delivery. The customer must provide their own solid concrete pad blocks and/or cinder blocks. Standard solid blocks will be needed for your building’s width and length and the leveling requirements of your specific site. Standard solid blocks are 4x8x16″. For larger buildings, 4x16x16″ solid blocks may be needed. Our delivery driver will provide treated lumber for leveling and shimming of the building if concrete pad blocks are not provided. Site preparation is the sole responsibility of the purchaser. Ground should be clearly accessible, clean, dry, and firm. Openings through fences or around obstacles should be at least 3′ wider than your building, with enough clearance to make necessary turns. Site should be clear of low hanging limbs, wires, or other obstructions up to 18′ high. Delivery drivers are not responsible for removal of fences, gates, trees, limbs or any other obstruction.

Built in the Tradition of Mennonite Craftsmanship

All treated lumber comes with a LIFETIME limited warranty on rot and fungal decay. 

■ All skids and floor framing are built with pressure treated lumber

. ■ 10‘ wide buildings and wider come standard with 2×6 floor joists. 8‘ wide buildings and all horizontal metal buildings come standard with 2×4 floor joists

. ■ 8’ and 10’ wide buildings are built on two (2) pressure treated notched skids. 12’ buildings and wider are built on four (4) pressure treated notched skids.

■ Siding choices to fit any budget. Choose from Treated T1-11, Painted or Urethane LP SmartSide®, 29 gauge Z-Metal (vertical) or 29 gauge Metal (horizontal).

■ All 8’ wide buildings come with a SINGLE shop-built door. All 10’ and wider buildings come with double shop-built doors (excluding cabins and garages).

■ Your choice of dimensional shingles or standard color metal roofing – SAME PRICE!

■ Metal buildings (horizontal) have a size limit of 24’ in length.

■ 12’ wide buildings and wider are measured eave to eave due to Department of Transportation hauling restrictions (excluding Texas).